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WWATS Rendezvous 2014



**News Flash**

It has been too many years with the same webpage. That is about to change. We have asked our webmaster not to rebuild the old but to build us a new site with all of the latest bells and whistles available. Our biggest problem has been getting all of our old content saved and imported to the new. It is our goal to have your new WWATS website up and running soon.

Welcome to the World Wide Association of Treasure Seekers!

Our Mission Statement:  Preserve, Promote and Protect the right to the use of the Land and Natural Resources for “We the People” now and in the future.

Welcome to World Wide Association of Treasurer Seekers Web site, Better known as WWATS. As the President I would like to Welcome You. WWATS is World Wide and we welcome everyone to join in.
The Focus of WWATS is to be an information center, providing special training as necessary to understand our relationships with, and to openly approach, our government agencies, seeking ways our hobby can co-exist within the rules and regulations used to govern public lands today. WWATS shall be a proactive organization, not a reactive one.We are working with many other organizations to keep our treasure seeking rights open to all.

We are in the process of building a new web site more user friendly and a Charter Member site that paid members will have total access to. This Charter Member site will have discounts, special events, treasure sites, WWATS Geocaching with a twist, and more to come for paid members.

So join WWATS today at http://www.ebay.com/itm/Three-Year-Membership-in-the-World-Wide-Association-of-Treasure-Seekers-WWATS-/251272159878   

Wayne Peterson
President World Wide Association of Treasure Seekers
State Director for PLP
GPAA & LDMA Member
Founder of the Rendezvous




WWATS Application for Paid Membership       
This Application will give you a $35.00 discount on the Antlers, OK. hunt!

Form for Association Club Membership

Folks, WWATS up to this point has been more of an Internet Organization to assist other groups with helpful ideas and suggestions to fight problems that arise in our hobbies. Now WWATS has decided to go another positive step further by becoming even more proactive in our fights to save the hobbies we so enjoy from disaster and termination. We still have some re-organizing to do yet, both on our websites and out in the field, but soon you will see WWATS most everywhere you go, even in other countries.

WWATS has decided we need two websites now in order to handle the great influx of information we will be releasing so to keep everyone informed and updated to any news as it happens.

Other groups are aligning with WWATS as we speak here, rock hounds, prospectors, hikers, detectorist and more. This kind of alignment is what is needed to create a force strong enough to be heard and to make a difference. WWATS opens it's doors to any organization, chapter or group that wishes to join, cost is just one dollar a month for a three year membership per person of $36.00. Many privileges go with that membership including discounts on equipment purchases with WWATS affiliated dealers and WWATS Outings, not to mention special areas of our websites for those paying members.

Then to even be more proactive, WWATS will be aligning themselves with other establish organizations that have a legal staff and experience to get our concerns understood and accomplished.
Please go to our other website
www.wwats.us and see our recent videos at WWATS Rendezvous in Congress, AZ. where we tried the prospective of a beginner and his take of being introduced to our hobbies for the first time, see the many activities that went on at this outing, and most of all the inspiring words of the vice president of PLP (Public Lands for the People) that has a very experience attorney to help us all save our rights to access public lands and keep that access to enjoy or hobbies in the future. PLP and WWATS are fighting for the same goals, think about becoming a member of both, have your words heard and keep our public lands open for our children!
Ask yourself this: "Is It Worth A Dollar A Month To Keep Enjoying Your Hobby!"
WWATS will be at the Texas Treasure Show ( LARGEST Treasure Show in America) April 13th and 14th, 2013 at Maude Cobb Convention Center, Longview, Texas. Come join WWATS at our booth and become a part of the future of you hobby! We will also have PLP applications available there.

Thank you much, Keith Wills  

IMPORTANT: HELP IS NEEDED NOW FROM EVERYONE!!!! http://detectingrights.com/louisville-ky-needs-your-support.php

Thanks to our members we now have over 1500 stories or links to stories online , over  750  treasure links , and hundreds of photos ! Of course we can't show all of this stuff on the home page so be sure to explore the site and look at everything. You can see all stories in our Story Archives  Check out our Treasure Links  Don't miss our Photo Albums and Contest Photos  And you can also Search the Entire Site

Important Newsletter Notice: Since we do not send out newsletters via postal mail because of costs involved, our newsletter is only available in e-mail format and on the web site as web pages. This means that if you want to receive our news then we must have your e-mail address entered on your membership form! We will not sell or give your e-mail address to anyone else and it will only be used to send out newsletters or important announcements about legal issues affecting your rights. JOIN WWATS TODAY!

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Legislation Alerts - Threats to our Hobby!
BRC National Land Use Update
Help With Washington State Parks
Backers of Alaska gold mine win court battle with EPA
U.S. Forest Service Seeks Comments on Over-Snow Vehicle Proposal
Hearing Before Judge Gilbert G. Ochoa
Stop the banning of metal detecting on Massachusetts beaches
The Oregon Republican Party Platform and Senate Bill 838
Frogs and Toads
Federal Register Yellow Legged Frog
Take 1 Minute to support detecting in Louisville....please
DFG Suction Dredge Permitting Program status 07-09-2012
Alabama Dive Law
Office of Administrative Law approval of suction dredge regulations
Congress approves huge hike in filing fees for mining claims

Contest Photos
It's always fun to see some silver coins popping out of the ground. Makes you wonder who lost it and when ...

Here is a silver...
It's always fun to see some silver coins popping out of the ground. Makes you wonder who lost it and when ...

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What do you think WWATS should be doing to help improve our hobby?
Visiting Clubs13%
Having more outings13%
Visit Washington D.C. more16%
All of the above40%
Votes : 282
WinnerAll of the above
Detailed Results

Featured Story

Legislation Alerts Public Lands and Waters
Author: Webmaster
Public Lands and Waters My sons and I have helped introduce a new bill in the Alabama Senate, SB-81, that will make the current law easier to understand. The public currently has the right to find isolated underwater finds, but some professional archaeologists and their cronies at the Alabama Historical Commission have misled some law enforcement officers into believing that it is illegal to find and keep isolated finds such as an arrowhead, a coke bottle, or a coin. This is not true, but people have been harassed, detained, and their property confiscated on the Tennessee and Alabama Rivers, and in Mobile Bay. Our bill does three things: Deletes (whether or not) from the definition of Cultural Resources   Adds a definition for an artifact where no definition currently exists    Adds the already existing state and federal law numbers to the bill, so that it protects Indian burial grounds and any other cemeteries that are underwater   All historic shipwrecks are currently controlled by the AHC, and we are not trying to change that at all. SB-81 does not increase or decrease any current or future cultural resources that are to be permitted by the Alabama Historical Commission. We just don’t want our law enforcement officers to be used by professional archaeologists to stop divers from legal diving.    Please read SB-81An article was in ...[read more]

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Treasure in the News
Wells Fargo - This Day in History
EXPOSED: Noah’s Ark Has Been Discovered. Why Do They Keep it Secret?
The Gold Cyclone - Placer Gold Concentrator
metal detector at Camper World
Federal and State share.
Prospectors Say Drought Has Created California’s 2nd Gold Rush
California Couple Finds $10M Buried Treasure in Back Yard
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WWII Dornier bomber raised from English Channel
Eight sleek Bronze Age log boats
Who stashed the Cheapside Hoard?
Have Researchers Found Amelia Earhart’s Plane?
Man finds $100G comic book
Divers have found traces of ancient land swallowed by waves 8500 years ago
Deep sea treasure hunters return to Falmouth after silver bullion mission
Rare 1913 Nickel fetches $3.1 million at Auction

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Newsletter Archives
Check out our Newsletter Archives.

Issue Date
86 Mar 17, 2011
85 Mar 12, 2010
84 Jun 16, 2009
83 May 12, 2009
82 Mar 26, 2009

Guestbook Entries
25 quests on line here and me! Seems to be picking up a bit; Gla...

Thank you WWATS for a fantastic 2013 Rendezvous in Congress, AZ....

This Wednesday, 1/16/13, the Western Mining Alliance will be hol...

Does anyone ever use this website? Haunted. Needs lots of updat...

I am just now starting my treasure hunting. Getting a bounty hun...

I was informed about the Organization today, had to join up and ...


PCSC Treasure News January 2015
Posted by: Webmaster on Tuesday, January 27, 2015 - 06:55 AM
Treasure Club News

Dear PCSC Member,

Here is your January, 2015 edition of the Treasure News. It is being sent on behalf of your new TN editor, Martin Milas. Enjoy!

Steve Karno,
Former Editor, TN

Treasure News January 2015

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BRC National Land Use Update
Posted by: Webmaster on Tuesday, January 27, 2015 - 06:46 AM
Legislation Alerts

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Lone Star Treasure Hunter’s Club News January 2015
Posted by: Webmaster on Friday, January 23, 2015 - 06:15 AM
Treasure Club News

Dear Lone Star members,

Please find the January Silver Signal attached.    Hope to see you at our January 30 meeting next week!

Ellen Jackson

Silver Signal January 2015

Lone Star Treasure Hunters Club

Subject: The Treasure Coast

Hello, My name is Capt. Carl Fismer, A Treasure Hunter for many, many years,
I am working with the Mayor of Ft. Pierce Florid to help promote the 300 th
Anniversary of the sinking of the Spanish Treasure Fleet which went to the
bottom in a Hurricane in the year of 1715.  I personally have worked 15
years on this Fleet, and have recovered over 6000 Gold and Silver Coins,
both on the Beach, and in the water, thousands of Artifacts as well.

As I am sure you know  legal metal detecting areas shrink on an almost daily
basis, due to mostly unfair laws. The Beach's near Ft. Pierce, known as "The
Treasure Coast", have produced thousands of coins and artifacts for about 60
years.  Well its still legal here, and we invite you to try you skills here
this year.

My associate, Ms. Plythe Gibbons has a web site that will help you find
Lodgings, Food, Shopping, Local Attractions, and has a Map showing the best
areas  for metal detecting. Its free, and can be downloaded at her website
www.treasuresfp.com  "Treasure Of Fort Pierce".

Please pass this letter on to your membership, as I am sure they might want
to pay us a visit. Thank you for your consideration. Treasures of Fort
Pierce, and Capt. Carl Fismer are also on facebook. Thank You
For Treasure and Pleasure,  Carl  "Fizz"  Fismer

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Midwest Coinshooters Newsletter November 2014
Posted by: Webmaster on Thursday, January 08, 2015 - 03:09 PM
Treasure Club News

It is the beginning of a new year and we will be working on the plans for making this year another successful one for the club. We are always open to your ideas for making the club enjoyable and that you are getting what you want out of the club. If you got a new detector or detecting tool for Christmas, bring it to the meeting and tell us all about it. Check out the attached newsletter for ideas on things to be doing to help cure the Winter blues, consider joining the FMDAC for 2015, check out a couple of hunt flyers from other clubs, and being thinking about ideas for locations we can include on our informal group hunt schedule for the this year. Be sure to check out our new website at www.midwestcoinshooters.com and let us know if you wish to see anything else included on the site. Hope to see you at the club meeting next week and Spring will be here before you know and we can all be out there swinging our detectors looking for that unexpected treasure buried just beneath our feet.

Roger Horrom
Have a great day

Link: November 2014 Newsletter

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Cowtown Treasure Hunters December-January 2015 Newsletter
Posted by: Webmaster on Monday, January 05, 2015 - 08:00 AM
Treasure Club News

Cowtown Treasure Hunters December-January 2015 Newsletter

Welcome to a new year.

Lots of things going on this month, hence the early edition of the newsletter.  

We are having a fun hunt on Sunday.  Read your newsletter for more info and directions.

Our meeting this month is on Jan. 15th at Camp Carter.  The address and map are in the newsletter.

Your newsletter is attached.

See you in the fields.


Link: Read Newsletter

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86 Mar 17, 2011
85 Mar 12, 2010
84 Jun 16, 2009
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