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Charles Garrett Hunt 2018



Attached is a hunt letter regarding the Charles Garrett Memorial Hunt 2018.  I want to start by saying a huge Thank You for everything you did last year to make our event a success. We are looking forward to a great turnout again next year.  Last year our event saw almost 500 total attendees.  This year expectations are even higher.  Hopefully you were able to see some of the pictures of the event.  We look forward to having you join us if possible and meeting many treasure hunters and old friends from all over the country.  I have included the link to the video we produced and have placed on our website, Facebook and YouTube.   

This hunt is a great celebration of our founder Charles Garrett.  The weekend is spent enjoying the things that he truly enjoyed….metal detecting, spending time with friends and family and a chance to enjoy some time in the great outdoors.  

Seeing the smiles on faces, kids learning about metal detecting, meeting our celebrity guests and celebrating Mr. Garrett.   

Again we thank you for your support and look forward to seeing you in the hunt fields on the weekend of March 24-25, 2018



2017 WWATS Rendezvous Two Day Open Hunt


Please don’t miss this hunt, real treasures buried to find and more rings than you have ever seen in any hunt.....
Be sure to get registered for this hunt and do it soon. Attached is the hunt flyer and registration form. Look forward
to another great hunt with lots of gold, silver and cooper for prizes. Contact me for any questions and reserve your
spot at if you need a campsite.

Keith Wills, Huntmaster This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   903-734-7773


Gold panning demo in Bayfield Colorado


Gold panning demo in Bayfield Colorado

For the library kids day

Great time 

Planning on going again next year



Hi, Wayne!

Thank you for participating in our STEAM Fair! The kids really loved your hands-on gold panning exhibit! I'm looking forward to seeing you next year!

I've attached a picture of the kids enjoying your booth.

We really appreciate you!



Texas Lions Camp for Handicap Children June 14th & 15th, 2017



This is group Photo of the last day we were there this year of those that came across Texas to help; we had seen about 150 kids and they as usual had the time of their lives. I can only say that this was our 20th year there at the Texas Lions Camp for Handicap Children. There is not words for the THANKS for those that show up every year to help train the counselors so to continue using this activity that the kids love so much with the wonderful gift donated by Garrett Metal Detectors of the 12 each Ace 150’s metal detectors that they gave the Camp some years ago; and the many over the years that was so kind to give those kids foreign coins to find and learn about other countries currency, and donations by many even overseas—this is the only reason the the Camp is still using the activity to this day! Without others the dream that both Nolan Underwood (deceased) ex-activity director of the Camp, and myself would of long been gone. We also want to thank the wonderful heart of all those that work at the Lions Camp for their dedication as well as the many Lions Clubs across Texas that seek out those kids in their communities, transport the kids to the Camp at no cost and the Camp that doesn’t charge a dime to any family of the kids represented there each year.

Little did Nolan and myself know that the foreign counselors that rotate yearly at the Camp would take our idea to their home country and start the same type of activities, to teach the children how to enjoy the wonderful fun of treasure hunting using a metal detector. The kids get to keep all coins they find  as we teach them what country the coin they just recovered represents and we leave them a buck full of foreign coins to use each year during the camping season, again donated by so many wonderful folks and treasure clubs here in Texas and around the world.
Nolan, those that help us each year with the kids and myself, all have our hearts touched by those up-spirited wonderful kids with their handicaps and big smiles, they are our future and at this Camp they are all on equal ground looking for the experience of a lifetime, and so are we.

Keith Wills
P.S. Jim Lawhon of the Austin Club is getting me more photos from the video he took this year of our visit and the kids at the Camp. Jim is now trying to make a Utube for the internet for everyone to see. I’ll send you some more as I get them from him.

Texas Lions Camp for Handicap Children 2017

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