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Roman Treasure Found


Hi Keith & Rebecca:  

One of my best clients gave me this article today and I thought I would pass it on to you.  Don't know what paper he got it from but was very interesting. Enjoy...

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Also on the topic of metal detecting, Bill was telling me that the University of Texas has literally warehouses full of artifacts that have been found by archeologists that were supposed to write papers on the finds and never have, so there they sit in the dark or in crates and boxes never to be seen by the world. Talk about hypocrites... And they think we little people who find just a few little trinkets are hoarders.  They should look in a mirror.  Sort of like the idea in England that if you find an antiquity the gov't will pay you a fair value for it.  Seems right to me.  They don't care about the common everyday coins,rings etc.  The way it should be.

Hope this finds you all well.  God Bless my friend.  Dale



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