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WWATS 2014 Rendezvous Meetings in Congress, AZ

Photos of WWATS 2014 Rendezvous  “Business Meeting” and “Condition of Our Hobbies”
at Congress, Arizona 2014.
Meeting included the WWATS Officers and Board of Directors and Member Club/Organization Presidents.
We heard from each attending as to their thoughts of what would make WWATS a better proactive organization for it’s members.
You can do the same by talking to us and others on our live forums here at WWATS!!
WWATS is open to all types of outdoor sports and recreation especially so on Public Lands.
WWATS is aligned with PLP (Public Lands For The People) the strongest group out there fighting for our rights on Public Lands. They too are well worth supporting at: 

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This photo is usually a very busy spot, for this is WWATS Information Center that is at all the events they hold.
Information on the latest problems in the field, newest equipment, tricks and shot cuts, and how-to.
You will always find something there that you didn’t know.