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Miscellaneous Information:

Background: Mike Hardiman is the President of Hardiman Consulting, a lobbying and public relations firm based in Washington, DC. Founded in 1999, it specializes in land use and environmental issues. He served on the staff of Congressman Richard Pombo from 1993 to 1999, working on endangered species and other natural resources issues and as press secretary. He was chief of staff for a state legislator in the 1980s, and helped to steer eleven bills into law. His creative street theatre at public rallies has earned grudging compliments from his targets, including Al Gore and Ralph Nader. He was named Advocate of the Year in 2000 by the Property Rights Foundation of America for his leadership role in defeating a $47 billion land acquisition trust fund proposed in congress. Mike is a private property in holder in the Southern California desert. He was a cofounder of two volunteer landowner groups advocating private property rights and multiple use of public lands, in New Jersey and California. Occupation: President of Hardiman Consulting